The basic workshop is a must-have for all dancers who want to improve their leg flexibility.
In this workshop we are working on our front-splits and straddle and V splits. Therefore we use fundamental techniques, which allows every healthy human being to learn a perfect front-split and to improve the opening of your straddle intensively. We will learn stretching sequences both active and passive that can be performed alone, or in a pair, and will be only using safe methods to avoid any dangerous stresses and strains. In addition we will give you theoretical insight into the anatomy and functionality of your muscles and joints. To understand your own body will help you train more effectively.


The basic back flexibility workshop is ideal for people who would like to train their back flexibility. We will be working on every part of the back flexibility: hips, lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms and neck. This workshop will make it possible for every participant to improve their back flexibility slowly and precisely in a healthy way. The theory includes breath control, breath panic, anatomy and prevention from dangerous back exercises. During this workshop you will be working both alone and in pairs.


This workshop addresses all dancers who have already worked on the basics concerning splits and back bends. We will work on your splits, over splits and back to help you achieve some famous pole and non pole contortion poses (needle scale, bird of paradise, chest stand, elbow back bend). In this workshop, we will learn how to breath correctly, and how to open the different parts of our body while attempting these poses.


A very fun class where we will perform an exotic routine including some cool acrobatic tricks.
In this class we will use static pole, to fly and flow around. You will learn how to slide, twist, and flip, and will perform a choreography together. Sexy and daring, put your heels and knee pads on and let's kick the floor.


This class is all about Back Bend and Splits on the Pole.
It doesn't matter where you stand with your flexibility, this workshop will teach you some beautiful splits and back flexibility moves combos on the spinning pole, from intermediate to expert levels.
You will learn how to unlock hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders while performing these moves, and even perhaps some tips and tricks to cheat your way into these incredible poses.


This workshops will include a different tricks , combinations - basic, intermediate and advanced level. Signature Sokolova tricks, spinning's, drops. Secrets of the different technics.


Exotic pole choreography with amazing sexy song. Plastic, sexual, graceful, hot movements with the pole.